Topo GPS app

Turn your iPhone, Android phone or tablet into a full featured GPS device with offline available topographic maps.

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Topographic maps

The Topo GPS app contains official topographic maps of many countries. These are the best maps for outdoor activities. The maps can be made accessible offline.

Full GPS features

Topo GPS includes all functions of a regular GPS device, has accurate location determination and efficient battery usage.

Route tool

Topo GPS is very suitable for following routes. You can import, record, plan, generate and share your routes. You can view and import routes that are shared with Topo GPS by other users.


In Topo GPS you can easily place waypoints on the map. A description can be added. Viewing, entering and scanning coordinates is simple.


In Topo GPS you can optionally add layers to the map, like for example 'Mountainbike routes' and coordinate grids.


You can take photos in Topo GPS and add them to waypoints and routes.

Geodata formats

Topo GPS can import and export geodata in the following formats: gpx, kml/kmz, csv, zip. On iOS also WFS and geojson are supported.


Topo GPS has an extensive manual and a very capable customer service.

Privacy focused

Topo GPS cares very much about your privacy. Topo GPS does not have user accounts. We cannot view any of your data. We do not collect your data. We do not show adds.


Topo GPS exists since 2012. Free updates for Topo GPS appear several times a year. Each day thousands of people use Topo GPS as outdoor companion.

User reviews

Use cases

Topo GPS is used by hikers, bicyclists, mountaineers, geocachers, search and rescue teams, conservationists, and other people going outdoors.

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Offline official topographic maps with smallest paths in combination with its route capabilities make Topo GPS ideal for hiking.


Clear and accurate topographic maps with height contours and rock formations make Topo GPS ideal for navigating in the mountains.


Detailed topographic maps, dedicated bicycle layers, route capabilities and a clear dashboard make Topo GPS the preferred navigation app of many cyclists.


The ease of scanning, entering, and viewing coordinates makes Topo GPS the tool for Geocaching. In combination with the best topographic maps, a geocache will be found faster with Topo GPS.


Trailruners use Topo GPS on the Apple Watch to follow routes through rough terrain.


Conservationists use Topo GPS for nature inventarisations. Waypoints can be used to mark and find important places. Detailed information and photos can be added to the waypoint. Coordinate grid layers are very useful for flower and bird counting.

Search and rescue teams

Search and rescue teams use Topo GPS for navigation during a mission. The accuracy and reliability of Topo GPS in combination with the best offline topographic maps and route tracking possibility make Topo GPS the number one navigation tool of several search and rescue teams.

Other professionals

Topo GPS is also used by forest firefighters, the military and archeologists.


The Topo GPS app is available for iOS, MacOS and Android

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iOS / MacOS

Topo GPS runs on iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch and Apple Macs. Routes and points can be shared automatically between all devices via iCloud. Routes and points loaded on your iPhone appear automatically on your Apple Watch. Map purchases are available on all devices.


Topo GPS runs on all Android phones and tablets (minimal Android 5.0) and Chromebooks. Google Play is required. On a Windows PC you can run Topo GPS using an Android emulator.

Our values

GPS device on a smartphone

Our mission is to turn your smartphone in a fully capable GPS device with topographic maps. Future development of Topo GPS will be along this direction.

Intuitive use

We aim to keep Topo GPS simple and intuitive to use. You do not need to understand the many advanced functionalities to operate Topo GPS.

Low prices

We offer topographic maps for very low prices. Topographic maps for most countries cost only €3,99/£2.99/$3.99 each including future updates. Sometimes we charge higher prices because of royalties.

Privacy focused

Your privacy is very important to us.
Our only source of income is the sale of the maps and layers in the app. We cannot view your data, we do not collect your data, we do not show adds, and we do not sell any of your data. In Topo GPS you pay with money and not with your privacy.

No account

To use Topo GPS you never have to create an account. This guarantees you that we do not know your identity.
Your purchases are associated to your Apple ID (which we cannot view) on iOS and to your Google Play account (which we also cannot view) on Android.


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Topo GPS

Turn your iPhone, Android phone or tablet into a full featured GPS device with offline available topographic maps.

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