This privacy policy is valid from March 2021

We can update our privacy policy if necessary, and will publish it on

Topo GPS app

Your privacy is very important to us. Therefore, we do not collect, store, or share any personally identifiable user data, (such as location, name, ip-address and others), except what you voluntarily give to us via e-mail, the contact form on our website, or by sharing a route.

You do not need to create an account to use the Topo GPS app, so we cannot identify you through account information.

All internet traffic from the Topo GPS app is encrypted using https except for planning routes via the Top10NL routeplanner in the Netherlands.

If you share a route with Topo GPS, the route, the route metadata, and a device identifier will be stored on the Topo GPS server. The route and the route metadata will made accessible to other users in the Topo GPS app and on our website. The device identifier is only visible to us and helps us to identify which routes were uploaded from the same device. The route metadata can contain your name and e-mail address if you have added this information to the route. If you want us to remove a route that you have shared with Topo GPS from our database and website, you have to send a message to support_at_topo-gps_dot_com.

If you view a map, the map tiles will be downloaded from a server. To provide the map tiles we use the following services: Amazon CloudFront, CDN77 and GeoFabrik. We are not able to retrieve your IP-address through these services.

If you plan a route, the route is either computed locally on your device, or through GraphHopper directions API or through the Topo GPS routeplanner service. Through planning a route only the route points and the transportation means are sent to a route planner service. We do not store your planned routes and ip-address. GraphHopper stores your route request including the time and your ip-address for a maximum duration of 5 weeks according to the GraphHopper privacy policy.


The statements in this section only apply to the iOS version of Topo GPS.

If you enable syncing routes and waypoints via iCloud, all your routes and waypoints are stored on iCloud. If you want to remove your routes and waypoints from iCloud, you can disable syncing to iCloud in the Topo GPS settings. A pop-up will appear that allows to remove all route and waypoint data from iCloud.

If you make a purchase in Topo GPS we store the receipt of your purchase on our servers for analytics reasons. This receipt contains the transaction identifiers, the kind of in-app product purchased, and the time of purchase.

Except for the in the case noted above, we do not track your usage of the Topo GPS app.


The statements in this section only apply to the Android version of Topo GPS.

If you purchase map tiles of France, Great Britain, Belgium, or Switzerland, the information about the purchased tiles is saved on our server together with the order number of your purchase to allow us to synchronize your map purchases between your devices.

The app uses the Android SDK, the Google Play services SDK and the Google Firebase SDK. Other external SDKs or libraries are not used in the app.

We do not track your usage of the Topo GPS app.

Topo GPS Website

If you contact us via e-mail or via the contact form on our website, your e-mail address and possibly your name is stored in our customer support system Zendesk and in Gmail. If you want us to remove your information permanently, you have to send a message to support_at_topo-gps_dot_com or use the contact form on our website.

We do not store your IP-address when you are visiting our website.

All internet traffic on our website is encrypted using https.

We use Google Analytics cookies and a Facebook pixel to analyze our website usage and to support our marketing efforts.

If you have any questions, you can contact us via the contact form on our website or send a message to support_at_topo-gps_dot_com.

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