Route details

By tapping the information button (i) on the right hand side of a route title in the ‘Routes’ tab of the routes screen the route details screen appears.

If you have loaded a route on the map, you can also open the route details screen by tapping the route curve.

The route details screen of the route ‘Carnedd Llewelyn’ is shown below:

Route details Topo GPS

The route details screen of the route ‘Carnedd Llewelyn’.

In the top of the route details screen a map with the route is displayed.

Next you can see the title, the route type, distance, time (if the route is recorded) and author. If you tap this item, you can view additional details of a route.

A description and photos will be shown if they are present. If you tap a photo, it will be shown full screen and you can browse through the photos as in a slideshow.

Next, if present an altitude/elevation profile, a speed and a distance profile are shown. You can tap these profiles to view the profile in more detail and see additional height and speed information.

If you scroll further down to the section ‘Tiles on current map’, you can download the map tiles of a route.

In the bottom of the routes details screen you can find a toolbar with the following buttons:

  • ‘<‘ and ‘>’ buttons: With these buttons you can browse backward and forward through the route details of a collection of routes.

  • Trash button: If you tap this button you can remove the currently shown route from your device.

  • Export button: If you tap this button you can export the route.

  • Edit button: If you tap this button an edit pop-up with several options to edit the route will be shown.