Supported geo data formats

There are many different formats for geodata. Topo GPS is supporting the most popular ones for both import, usage and export.


  Reitit Reittipisteet Kuvakkeet Linjat Alueet Valokuvat Koordinaatin tyyppi Puristus iOS Android Tuonti Viedä  
GPX ✓*       WGS84 ✓*     WGS84  
KML ✓*   WGS84    
KMZ ✓* WGS84  
CSV*         minkä tahansa*       minkä tahansa  
GeoJSON linjana     minkä tahansa** linjana   minkä tahansa**    
GML/WFS       minkä tahansa        
JPEG           WGS84   iOS  

* Topo GPS specific functionality that only works when sharing with other Topo GPS user. Icons are limited in KML
** Not according to official GeoJSON documentation