In the section ‘Styles’ of the settings you can set the appearance of the map, the record, plan and route lines. Moreover you can determine the appearance of the position marker.


You can set the map style in Topo GPS to ‘Normal’ or ‘Dark’. The normal style has light colors. An example of the dark map style is shown below:

Dark map Topo GPS

The dark map style.

If you are using Topo GPS during the night, it might be better to set the map style to ‘Dark’. The map is then much darker, making it easier for your eyes to look on the screen. The map legend is also adapted for dark mode. We recommend you to combine the ‘Dark’ map style setting with the ‘Dark’ mode display setting of your device. Then also all interface elements will have a dark background.

Record, plan and route lines

To change the color of the record, plan or route line, tap the corresponding item in the ‘Styles’ section of the settings. A screen will appear in which you can set the properties of the line.

If you tap route lines, you will see that there are 10 different route lines. The first route line is for the first loaded route on the map, the second for the second loaded route, etc.

As an example we now show below the screen in which you can change the line properties of the recorded route:

Position marker Topo GPS

Changing the properties of the record line.

Position marker

The default position marker has a red color. For visibility it might be better to change the color of the position marker sometimes. Tap the position marker in the ‘Styles’ section of the settings. A screen with available alternative position markers will be shown. If you tap a position marker it will be changed.

Below you see an example of a map with a purple position marker:

Position marker Topo GPS

The position marker was set to purple