Switching off display

With the setting ‘Automatic lock’ in the settings you can determine whether the main screen should be switched off and locked automatically after a period of inactivity by iOS. If you disable this setting the main screen will not be switched off.

Suppose you mount your iPhone to your bicycle. Then it could be convenient that the main screen stays on continously. So in that case you have to disable ‘Automatic lock’.

If you have locked the orientation of an iPhone in the normal (portrait) orientation, then the option ‘Cover camera’ appears.

If you enable the setting ‘Cover camera’ the map screen will be switched off automatically if you cover the front camera. The screen will appear immediately when the the camera is uncovered.

Enabling the option ‘Cover camera’ is recommended when going outdoors. When you put your iPhone in your pocket, the screen will be switched off immediately, saving energy. If you also disable the option automatic lock, the map screen will appear immediately when you uncover your iPhone.

Be aware, if the automatic lock is disabled you do not have to enter your password when the screen reappears. This is convenient, but is also less secure.