Importing geodata files from iMessage

iOS 14

Opening geodata files in iMessage in iOS 14 is unfortunately not very intuitive.

If you tap on a geodata attachment (for example gpx) in an iMessage conversation, most often nothing will happen. For some file formats, like zipped gpx a screen appears with a export item in the bottom left. In that case tap the export item and then choose for ‘Topo GPS’ in the list with apps to import the file in Topo GPS.

To import the geodata file in the case nothing happens, tap the icon of the person sending the file in top of the screen. Then tap ‘info’. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to the section documents. Press ‘Show all’. Here you see all documents that were sent by the person in the conversation. Tap the file, and then tap the export icon in the bottom. Then choose for ‘Topo GPS’ in the list of apps. Sometimes you need to scroll the list of apps to the left to see Topo GPS or you might even need to press ‘More’.