Removing routes

You can remove routes from your device using the route details screen as is explained below.

It is also possible to remove routes in the routes screen. You first have to select the routes and subsequently press the trash icon.

Removing routes via route details screen

In the bottom of the route details screen you can find a trash icon.

Routes remove Topo GPS

Figure 1. The route details screen.

If you press the trash icon a pop-up with the question “Remove route from device?” will appear, as you can see in the figure below.

Routes remove Topo GPS

Figure 2. Removing a route.

If you press ‘Remove’ the route will be removed from your device. If you press ‘Cancel’ the route will be kept.

If you synchronize your routes with iCloud, the route will also be removed from iCloud and from all devices that use the same iCloud account.